International Crisis Aid-Australia (Crisis Aid) operates under the umbrella of Crisis Aid International (CAI). 
Crisis Aid brings its knowledge and history of developing businesses, working in 3rd world countries, liaising with NGO’s, managing, directing and delivering solutions in crisis situations throughout the world. We have worked with organisations such as Oxfam, Red Cross, Red Crescent and World Vision.

We exist to Save Lives, Save Souls and Change Futures. Our mission is to assist in sustaining life in collaboration with other relief organisations, by bringing necessary food, materials and medicines to people in times of crisis, particularly where life and death situations exist.

Demonstrating God's love and care for people is our highest and most cherished goal.
  1. Roger & Sue
    Roger & Sue
    Roger manages a local community not for profit organisation and is a Pastor in a local church. He is an experienced business manager having owned his own successful business in the building industry. His heart is to build people's lives, equipping, encouraging and empowering them.
  2. Chris & Barb
    Chris & Barb
    Chris has a degree in economics and experience in senior management in a variety of industries. He runs overseas tours. Is a life coach, counselor and runs a landscaping business. Chris is active in the local church and has a heart for helping people in Australia and overseas.
  3. Sue & Pat
    Sue & Pat
    Pat and Sue are Co-founders of ICA-Aus. Since 1989, Pat has travelled to more than 30 countries developing and implementing programs. Pat has served as the founder and President of CAI since February 2002. Sue served on the board of a non-profit organisation, serving low-income families for 10 years while at the same time starting up CAI. Currently she serves as VP of CAI.
  4. Sharon & Raymond
    Sharon & Raymond
    Sharon and Raymond are Co-founders and drivers of ICA-AUS. Having lived in a third world country both are passionate about helping the helpless. Giving a hand up not a hand out.